Airdome Tennis Court Case Study


Airdome Tennis Court Case Study

Existing Lighting: 12 x 2000W Metal Halides

Energy requirements of existing lighting per year: 131,040 kWh, costing £22,277

The existing lighting has a lifespan of 3,500 hours, and so the servicing and maintenance cost are £2,400 per year, bringing the total cost to £24,677 per year.

Replacement lighting: 12 x Eco-Range High Bay 260. We installed like-for-like replacements to give the Airdome the same Lux levels as the existing lighting.

Energy requirements of replacement lighting per year: 18,345 kWh, costing £3,119

The replacement LED fittings have a lifespan of 70,000 hours, therefore no replacements or maintenance is needed for over 12 years.

Installation cost: £27,564High Bay LED Light

Running costs per year: £3,119

Annual savings: £21,558

Reduction in CO2: 86%

Lighting lifetime: 70,000 hours

Payback Period: 1.3 years

Return on Investment: 78.21%

The Eco-Range LED fittings are manufactured in the UK. Barclay Electrical have been working closely with Cambridge Light to produce a bespoke LED fitting, we can design a scheme to light any kind of space from tennis courts to hockey pitches to multi-purpose gyms. Through intelligent planning and implementation, you can reduce energy usage and dramatically reduce your sports lighting bills and less time (and money) spent changing bulbs.


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