World First Solar PV ‘Green Station’ Installation

Barclay Electrical is pleased to announce we have been awarded the contract to install a World First – Solar PV Glass Canopy in Sainsbury’s Petrol Station Forecourts.

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The translucent glass will create clean energy in low light conditions, and also from both sides of the panel allowing it to capture much more of the sun’s energy. By allowing natural light through the canopy to the forecourt area the glass can significantly reduce the amount of lighting energy required during the day.

The installation is due for completion next week, once completed the petrol station will generate over 260MWh of electricity over it’s 20 year lifetime. The electricity generated will also produce a profit for Sainsbury’s through the guaranteed index-linked Feed-In-Tariff.

This Solar PV Glass can be used for a variety of applications and as a direct alternative to conventional glazing and cladding material as it performs all the functions of glass; weatherproofing, thermal control, light control etc  with the bonus of being able to make you money!

The benefits of Solar glass are:

  • Innovative PV Technology
  • Duel Sided Panels
  • Cheaper on the Planet and the Pocket
  • Superior Performance
  • Independent Testing
  • Low Light Operation
  • Temperature Tolerant
  • Shading Resistant

If you would like a quote for a PV Glass installation please contact us on 01423 701273.

Sainsbury's Petrol Forecourt




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